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Awakening 101

Everyone born into consciousness is already on an awakening path. The process of realizing you are on this path can happen in an infinite number of ways such as a dawning self-awareness, an unexpected loss, or a spiritual shift where you experience a total cessation of emotional suffering.

As we move through these experiences, we start to consider we could be more than our thoughts.

That's all awakening is. It's a separation of thinking and awareness.

Do you ever notice sitting in stillness often feels excruciatingly uncomfortable. Why? It is because we are finally giving attention to the wild tangents of thoughts swirling unchecked in our minds. By doing the practices I offer here or developing any sort of inward process, you will become empowered to widen the separation between these thoughts and your awareness.

The good news is if you don't like the thoughts you stumble upon, over time you can learn how to gently let them go. The harder truth of this process is, what you hear can hook your attention into some challenging and painful spirals. Knowing this will help normalize the hard days.

The longer you do stillness practices of any sort, and I encourage you to explore all inward options available to you, the gap will widen and you will spend more time in the pocket of awareness. This is how your peace will grow. From this center, healing will flow in every direction and life will be born anew.

All that is required is an open mind and heart.

Let Love light the way.

If you haven't already, I encourage you to search through my RESOURCES PAGE to help you find stillness practices that may resonate for you.






Such a lovely way to begin the new year... It's nice to be reminded that we can choose to "let go"... THANK YOU!



What lovely thoughts for the New Year! Reading this was a little like a meditation class with enthusiastic "rah-rahs" of encouragement. Thank you for your strength and sharing dear Diana!

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