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Adding in Joy (Flow)

In this flow practice the aim is to find a small, manageable way to add some joy into our lives.

First, list 10 tasks or obligations that you do not necessarily enjoy, but life seems

of require of you. You can write as many as come to mind. Once you get going you will be amazed at the scope of all you are juggling. So keep up the great job, you are a rock star!

Sift through the list and find one thing you could subtract, even if it's just for one day.

Now, make your list of joy. Again, a minimum of 10 but write down as many as inspiration allows. Find something on there you could add into your schedule then commit to doing it.

After a quick look at both my lists, today I am going to forgo working out and instead I will finish the book I am currently reading all while drinking a cup of my very favorite cinnamon tea.

(Click photo for a link to the tea)

It's important to evaluate the content of our days and see where our joy lives. We owe it to ourselves and to life itself to find our happiness and choose our way towards a more balanced way of being.

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