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Accidental Awakening

My awakening experience has been both mystical and practical. The practical side surfaced when my boys were little. Initially, I wasn't confident in my parenting skills. To offset this, besides reading a million and one parenting books, I'd ask myself this simple question:

"How would I want to be parented?"

Then, I would do that.

The main answer to this question was:

"I'd like to be seen and heard without judgment. I'd want to know my thoughts and inner guidance were valid even if others disagreed."

So, that's what I set out to do. Listen more than I talked and allow my boys to fine-tune their inner compass of truth.

Every day, whether at breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I would bring my full awareness to

the table and to them (see also The Listening Chair). Whatever they wanted to share or express, I would listen with my whole being. This was not easy! But, it became my daily study in mindfulness before I truly understood the concept.

This dedicated act pushed me farther along my path. To this day, whenever my boys talk to me, I make an embodied effort to listen to them.

In this way, they have proven to be two of my greatest teachers giving shape and form to my spiritual practice. Both practical and holy, these relationships are my personal sangha seated before me, walking me Home.

Inward & Onward

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